Final Project Part 2 – Examine single-framed, multi-path narrative (Tutorial Exercise)

All I can ask for is strength. You know they say people acquire new skills every now and then, and in this module, we were expected to learn and code a html file to showcase our projects. Sometimes I wonder if it is the right decision to take a level 3000 mod when my undergraduate career has elapsed for only one semester. It takes a while to get used to things, and to acquire new things.

Coding is no simple stuff, having worked with web developers from India and Hong Kong, now I truly understand the limitations, or agony that web developers experience when trying to tell us designers that certain things can not be done, and so on. Having been working on illustrator and indesign, its hard to convey such direct ‘snap to point’, ‘plonk it and viola’ kind of methodology with codes, it takes fine understanding on what are the limitations, what are the boundaries that we have to adhere to.

In this tutorial, we are tasked to continue our FP, but in this case the notion of utilizing a single frame narrative is being emphasized. Not only that, it must have the capacity for displaying multi-path narrative.

If it is just a single frame narrative aspect that we have to deliver, it is much simpler to do up as it will basically be a ‘slideshow’ for images that adopts the same aspect ratio for all image sizes. But to incorporate multi-path component WITHIN the same frame is a challenge.

For me i tried to link text in the narrative that has different path to be clicked on and that will lead them to a new frame but still within the boundaries of the frame. The use of hashtags in the scripts in this case was the solution i came up with to tackle the intricacy and complexity that arose from this tutorial exercise.

There are however limitations as to what i can do to the script, as each individual panels exist within the boundaries of the javascript, to introduce additional image to use as links somehow failed. And thus I had to use text and I couldn’t get my textlnks to be layered on top of the picture, thus the panel is pushed down when multi path is present.

But those are nitty gritty parts which Im sure an alteration of the code would have made it work, but for now the critical thing is, IT SHOULD WORK AS IT HAS INTENDED TO, and it did. 🙂

Here are some screenshots of Draft 2, using single frame, multi path narrative.

Opening title of Draft 2

Users are presented with multi path selection. One to follow the Princess, one to follow the Prince.

Scene where users choose to follow the Prince.

Scene where users choose to follow the Princess.

Scene where users choose to take on the path of Princess BUT later allowing them to return to view the other (Prince) path.

Scene where user clicked on to find out the other path of the story.


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