Assignment 2: Slice of Life (Don’t Make My Dream Come True!)

In this assignment, we were tasked to create a sequential piece that illustrates the theme namely ‘Slice of Life.’

At first I was rather confused with how I can tackle this brief; we often overlook the simplest thing in life, and trying to put my life into panels to tell a story will be an extremely difficult task to achieve. Not because it’s difficult to illustrate, but to convey fresher nuance in storytelling would require that sparkle of magic which I was hoping will be bestowed upon me.

I wished.

If life, sometimes the most simplest idea will struck you as though like a revelation of the century. As I was walking pass the town park before reaching the MRT, something seemed different. The path I used to take was cordoned off, i see trees being chopped down to pave new roads, to erect new housing blocks


The above are some of the images that struck me the most, and were all taken in different days while I was going to school from home. Things change over time and it struck me how change is the only constant. I realized what if i put myself in the shoes of others and try to see it from their perspective, what insights can i derive from it, would it make me probe deeper. Thus, if I were to take the word ‘slice’ literally, it juxtaposes the argument that I had in mind for this particular artwork.

A sequential piece that targets the notion of Global Warming, it underscores particularly how deforestation is one of the main contributing factors toward this environmental crisis. Don’t Make My Dream Come True! seeks to explore deforestation using narra- tive illustration/storytelling, probing deeper between the imagined realm versus the objectified space. Woody takes centrestage as the protagonist, and as he explores its surroundings. Through Woody, we will be met by different situations in which showcases the many little things that we tend to overlook in life that may have devastating effects. Also, what we may have taken granted for, and how we are, in fact, subconscious agents in fostering the widespread of the deforesting effects. Through this expressive piece, it aims to not only bring forth global warming as an environmental crisis that must be cognizant of by all, but try to ameliorate such conditions as a united human race.

dont’ make woody’s dream come true indeed.



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