Class Exercise 4 – Practicing Text-Image relationships, by C. Hill.

In this exercise, we will not be adopting what we read in Scott McCloud’s take on text and image relationship as his model has some conflating natures. Thus, utilizing C Hill’s model, we will be highlighting how text are used together with images in sequential art.

There are four key relationships to explore under C Hill’s model of text-image relationship and are namely:

  1. Redundant
  2. Contrasting
  3. Complementary
  4. Unrelated

In Redundant, the image and words depicts the same thing.

In Contrasting, the image and words do not match up, often have capacity for depicting sarcasm and satire

In Complementary, the image and words work interdependently. Neither one must not be missing else the message will not be carried through

In Unrelated, as suggests, image and words have no relation with one another. I see this as expanding frames for narrative as it has this capacity to push the boundaries beyond the frame itself which can be deployed to showcase far-reaching thoughts or the foreshadowing of events to follow.

Thus, the below is an example of what I came up with using C Hill’s model of text-image relationship:



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